FUSONG TACTICAL  is a professional military and police equipment production factory,focusing on the production and manufacturing of military and police tactical vests,bulletproof plate carriers,backpacks and various accessory pouches. We look forward to cooperating with more military and police equipment companies and provide you with high-quality products and comprehensive services.
FUSONG TACTICAL has more than 26000 square feet of production supporting workshops, finished product warehouses and raw material warehouses, 150-200 production and management personnel, more than 200 automatic and semi-automatic production equipment, and an average monthly production capacity of 15000-20000 tactical products.
FUSONG TACTICAL  We configure all kinds of equipment required for the production and manufacture of tactical equipment, so as to lay a sufficient foundation for exquisite workmanship and accurate construction.
We always believe that manufacturing products is not simply stacking raw materials. We need to understand aesthetics and study details.

FUSONG TACTICAL has complete tactical product development and production capacity. We produce military and police backpacks, tactical vests, bulletproof plate carrier, knee and elbow pads, tactical waist seals, magezine pouches, radio pouches, individual equipment case and other products for customers all year round. At the same time, we have accumulated rich development and production experience.
FUSONG TACTICAL  We provide high-quality tactical products and comprehensive services for customers all over the world, including helping customers develop products with different types and different design functions, such as tactical vest, bulletproof plate carrier, tactical belt, knee and elbow pads, various types of magezine pouches and so on.
FUSONG TACTICAL  With ISO 9001 certification, we have a complete management team and production team, follow the standardized production process and technology, and provide customers with strong and good prcessing products by continuously adding various advanced sewing equipment.
FUSONG TACTICAL We cooperate with many international and Chinese powerful suppliers to provide customers with all kinds of materials required for product production.
FUSONG TACTICAL Located in Huadu District, Guangzhou, China, the region has the largest and most mature suppliers of raw materials for production and manufacturing in the world. It has all kinds of raw materials required for production, providing strong supply support for production and manufacturing. 
Raw material supply mall. It covers an area of 500000 square meters, with more than 4000 shops and about 50000 employees in the mall

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