Sources: Tricholoma Matsutake
Appearance: tan powder
The Matsutake polypeptide which is contained in the Tricholoma Matsutake is very good to strengthen the immunity. The active ingredients, matsutakealcohol (RNA) can directly kill the cancer cells and can inhibit cancer cell formation and division. It can remove the blood trash, lower the cholesterol levels and blood viscosity. It’s able to help improving the insulin levels in the human body, and can directly lower the blood sugar. The crude polysaccharides of tricholoma matsutake can inhibit the formation of melanin, whitening the skin. The amino acid and microelements inside can improve the immunity of children and strengthen their bodies. Both the Chinese medicine and the modern medicine experiments show that the tricholoma matsutake is nourished and helpful to the function of intestines and stomach.
Applies to the pharmaceutical products, health care products, daily necessities, cosmetics products, etc.

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